Powder Room WOW!

Three cheers for the powder room! It’s one of my favorite spaces to talk about with folks remodeling in Durango and people building their Four Corners dream home, too.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Florine, it’s the smallest room in the house!”  I hear you, but hear me out.  Pound for pound—or square foot for square foot—the little room packs a big punch.

Here are two reasons the powder room delivers in a big way:

You can give your powder room a theme of its own.

Many people in our area create their home to fit a Southwest Colorado vibe—from wood plank flooring to neutral tiles that harmonize with the great outdoors.  If this is you, but you still want to give a nod to fresh, modern design, head to the powder room.

Let’s say you know tile with a bold pattern may not exactly fit your mountain-style great room.  But it can work in the powder room.  Go ahead and choose a strong pattern for one wall or a strip and lend your room a Mediterranean air—if you want to change it out down the road, you won’t need a second mortgage to replace it.

If you’ve fallen in love with the sleek look of subway tile, the powder room is a good place to put it.  Up to the minute subway tile is offered in a huge range of colors and designs, and it can even be mixed and matched.  Think of the possibilities!  Horizontal or vertical bands!  Contrasting grout!  Talk about powder room wow!

You can splurge on some high-end finishes in the smaller space.

One up and coming trend for bathrooms is metallic tile.  From a coppery look to shining silver, we expect to see more of these options in the months and years to come.  Some are a tad pricey, but if you choose a metallic tile for one wall, for instance, or a backsplash, you won’t break the bank.

There’s nothing like a unique designer or imported tile to give your powder room pizazz.  Today’s choices include tile inspired by textiles, three-dimensional tile, designs borrowed from the pop culture of yesterday and so many more.  The price tags of some of these may make you think I’m fixin’ to lose my mind, so use expensive tile as an accent instead of covering the entire room with it and all will be well.

Rarin’ to go yet?  A great way to get started is to call The Tile & Carpet Store of Durango at 970-385-1731 and make an appointment with a design expert.  Take a look at our staff bios here; every one of our folks is just as excited to plan power rooms as I am!

Power to the powder!

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