Timeless or trendy? What’s in store for your floor

I remember it well: when I was a young lady my mama suggested I invest in every woman’s best friend: the LBD, or little black dress.  With clean, crisp lines it will never go out of style, Mama said.  And it’s the perfect backdrop for doing what we like best with our clothes—accessorizing!

Whenever folks ask me about the right mix of timeless and trendy for their new floor, I think of that LBD.  And you should too!  Here’s the Floor-1-1 on getting it right.

Timeless style

At the Tile & Carpet Store of Durango, we consider your floors part of the “hardscape” of your home—the bones that should last for many years.  Just like the LBD in your closet, wood and tile floors add value to your home today and tomorrow when you choose neutral colors and quiet patterns.

Don’t believe me?  You know the gray palette that has been so popular for flooring several years?  It’s on its way out now.  And pattern tile, like the arabesque shape that has sold like crazy, is not too far behind.

Choosing timeless materials, colors and patterns will serve you well.  It will save you from the urge to remodel sooner than you’d like, for one thing.  And if you should decide to sell your home down the road, buyers won’t be commenting on how dated it feels.  Perhaps most important, you won’t be driven crazy looking at the shimmering turquoise fish scale tile on your bathroom floor in a couple of years

Accessorize away!

Once your timeless floors are in place, you’re ready to accessorize!  Area rugs are a great way to have your home looking “on trend” without breaking the bank.  If you’ve swapped out flooring in your kitchen, you can change the whole look of the room with bright colored kitchen towels, cannisters and other accessories.  Even trendy window treatments are easier and less expensive to re-do than floors.

Schedule a time to come in and talk with us at the Tile & Carpet Store of Durango.  Tile and wood flooring can be classic and still look up-to-date, we promise.  We’ll show you how!

A hint of trendy

Ok, so you understand the lasting value of classic flooring choices for your Southwest Colorado home, but you just can’t resist a nod to today’s trends.  We can still help you out.  You might choose arabesque tile for your shower niche, for example.  Chances are the tile can be changed down the road without getting into the waterproof barrier below.  Or if you just must have distressed wood flooring—a trend that probably won’t last forever—confining it to a small area like an entry hall might be the way to go.

Just keep the LBD in mind.  My mama wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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