Miss Florine’s Top Ten Reasons to Buy Tile Made in the USA

Where is the best tile made? USA all the way! Brands like Florida Tile, American Olean, Dal-Tile and Crossville believe in making tile right here in our United States of America. Why you ask? Below you will find the top ten reasons to buy USA-made tile in no particular order.

Top ten reasons to buy USA-made tile

  1. Quality assurance
  2. Recycled content
  3. Low carbon footprint
  4. Boosts economy
  5. No VOCs
  6. Protects workers’ rights
  7. Trend setting
  8. No formaldehyde
  9. Shorter delivery times
  10. Up-to-date manufacturing

The companies listed above make it easy to purchase USA-made tile with offerings in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Stop by the Tile & Carpet Store of Durango and our friendly consultants will help you find the perfect American-made products for your flooring projects.

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