Pattern Tile Will Make You Smile, but for How Long?

The Floor-1-1 today is on trending pattern tile.

I am a firm believer that everything has a place, be it pattern tile, olive appliances, or carpet in a kitchen (gross as that sounds, more on that in just a bit.) Pattern tile options can be found in all manner of sizes and materials with prices to match. Tile options with repetitive geometric, bold color or fancy fleur-de-lis are becoming a quick answer to the wow factor for any space. Back in their design hay day those olive appliances sold in the same way. Can you remember when olive felt fresh? Clean? Dare I say trending? In the right place at the right time, most designs could, and will, look right. Few people today still appreciate olive as a color for home furnishings having “lived with it” for so long.

For anything trending, I have the same advice: pick something that will allow for easy future updates, and less is more. Bold colors can become hard to design around when updating a space. Pick a color you know how to design around. Most people are drawn to colors in the same family – say, red. If your bold tile option does not work with multiple reds, chances are you will grow to dislike it faster. The same idea is true to on those shapes and flowery print tiles. If you have a hard time when a space looks busy, these are not for your whole floor or wall. Small medallions in a border of field tile are a better way to go. Or a plain tile with a fancy rug will be a cheaper, faster, and easier update.

Back to the kitchen carpet. Why, you ask? A very sweet elderly client wanted to stay in her home, but had started to lose her balance easily. She has had carpet in that kitchen for the last 30 yrs and now needs it for safety. Why would she change it? If this sounds like your way of designing, please come select your patterned anything with me at the Tile and Carpet store of Durango.

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