Miss Florine’s Top Ten Ways to Keep Vinyl Floors Looking Great

A clean floor is a worthy task for any homeowner. Today I want to share a few cleaning tips for vinyl flooring. Vinyl is a low maintenance flooring option perfect for busy, messy homes. Most options are designed to take a beating – and never show it. Scratches, however, should be prevented to keep vinyl looking its best. Here’s the Floor-1-1 on keepin’ vinyl floors looking great:

  1. Use mats to catch grit in door ways
  2. Sweep as often as possible
  3. Furniture pads are a must
  4. Never use wax cleaners
  5. Spot-mop spills
  6. Vacuum without the beater bar on
  7. No dragging heavy stuff
  8. Avoid steam cleaners
  9. Water works best when mopping
  10. Remove stuck-on stains with nylon brushes

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